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  • Super Chevy magazine Week to Wicked project car

    Flex-a-lite Keeps the Super Chevy Magazine Week to Wicked Project Car Nice and Cool

    • 700+HP and Air Conditioned
    • The Chevelle Uses our Performance Radiator with Patented Sidetank Design and Black Magic Electric Fan
    Keep Your Jeep Cool

    Keep Your Jeep Cool!

    • Direct bolt-in radiator & fan combos for 45 Years of Jeeps
    • Electric fan comes pre-mounted
    • Patented sidetank design
    Flex-a-fit Aluminum Radiator with Electric Fan for '97-'04 Ford Mustang

    Radiator & Fan Combination For
    '97-'04 Ford Mustang

    • Direct bolt-in radiator & fan combo
    • Fully - shrouded Flex-a-lite X-Treme
      electric fan comes pre-mounted
    • Patented sidetank design

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Radiator & Fan Combination

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