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Airmover and Dehumidifier

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  1. 1000 Airmover

    1000 Airmover

    Part Number: 100589
    Legacy Model Number: CFM1000
    The the Flex-a-lite® 1000 is a must-have for racers, enabling you to cool your car quickly between rounds. It’s also helpful in the garage to quickly clear smoke or fumes, or to keep you cool as you work with a steady stream of airflow. Learn More
  2. Flex-A-Chill 3000 Airmover

    Flex-A-Chill 3000 Airmover

    Part Number: 113168
    Legacy Model Number: CFM3000

    The Flex-A-Chill 3000 from Flex-A-Lite® is the Perfect Airmover for the race track, your garage and the dyno cell. With 2,600 cfm of high-velocity airflow that you can direct exactly where needed, the Flex-A-Chill 3000 will cool your car down in a hurry. And it’s low, 2.7-amp draw means it won’t overtax trailer or generator circuits.

    Learn More

2 Item(s)