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Monthly Archives: May 2012

  • Choosing the Best Flex-a-lite Fan Controller for Your Vehicle

    18 Comments 2012 May 24
    by therealcoleq

    Flex-a-lite fan controllers are much more than just a relay for your electric fans. They turn the electric fans on and off, most of them provide the ability to adjust the temperature at which the fans turn on and almost all of them take the place of relays that other brands of fans require.

    Many of our Flex-a-lite electric fans include a Flex-a-lite fan controller already, but the fans are also available without any controls.

    Here's a breakdown of what each of our controllers do so you can choose the one that's best for you... Continue reading

  • Flex-a-lite Makes Engine-swaps in '64-'69 Mustangs Easier with its New Aluminum Radiator Configuration

    Comments ON 2012 May 10
    by admin

    We've offered the Flex-a-fit®¬†aluminum radiator for both '64-'66 and '67-'69 Mustangs for quite some time. We've now expanded this line of direct-fit radiators to accommodate the popular 5.0-liter engine swaps (based on the '86-'93 5.0-liter engines).

    The original Flex-a-fit radiator for this application positioned both the inlet and outlet on the passenger side, just like the original. However, many people swap later-model engine into these popular pony car which requires the outlet to be on the driver side. The Flex-a-fit radiators are available both with and without a Flex-a-lite 3,000 cfm electric fan (part #160) pre-mounted from the factory. Continue reading

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