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Electric Fans

  • Battle Higher Fuel Prices with an Electric Fan

    2 Comments 2012 February 24
    by admin

    There are plenty of news stories now predicting that gas prices will top $5/gallon this summer, stirring fear and depression. This may have you thinking about giving up on that hot rod vacation, extra off-roading trip or just plain thinking of ways to cut fuel costs in your company fleet of vehicles.

    But we're here to spread some good news. If your vehicle has a belt-driven engine cooling fan, you can install an electric fan and realize a fuel economy improvement and free up some power for an overall better driving experience. Continue reading

  • When 2,500 cfm isn't equal to 2,500 cfm

    3 Comments 2012 January 11
    by admin

    We've had quite a few people question our advice when we recommend a 2,500, 2,800 or even 3,000 cfm electric fan for their hot rod or 4x4. They often tell us that they have a 2,500 cfm fan now and their vehicle overheats in low speeds or when they are stuck in traffic. A little more investigative work usually uncovers that what they have now is a basket fan, which leads us to this question: Did you know that 2,500 cfm doesn't always equal 2,500 cfm? Continue reading

  • How to Install an Electric Fan Controller

    6 Comments 2011 September 22
    by admin

    Perhaps one of the least understood parts of adding an electric fan to a vehicle is installing and wiring the controller. The Flex-a-lite adjustable temperature controller turns the electric fan on and off according to the coolant temperature, and you can adjust where the fan turns on from approximately 180-240 degrees F. No relays are required if you use our controller with our electric fan. Wiring the controller is simple, and following our directions will give you years and years of trouble-free operation. Continue reading

  • Will Ram Air Burn Up My Electric Fan?

    1 Comments 2011 August 5
    by admin

    This is an interesting question that we get asked at Flex-a-lite from time to time. When you're driving on the highway, will the ram air cause your electric fan to spin, damaging it? A lot of people argue that the fan becomes a generator when it's spun by ram air, and they worry that this can damage the motor or electronic controller components. The answer is, no, ram air won't burn up your fan or the electronic controller, and here's why. Continue reading

  • Electric Cooling Fan Temperature Probe How To

    6 Comments 2011 May 13
    by admin


    Flex-a-lite's most popular fan controllers are adjustable between 160 and 240 degrees. These controllers are operated by a probe that can either be put in the core of the radiator fins or the radiator inlet. Putting the probe into the radiator fins is accurate, does not require any special tools and, when done correctly, will not damage your radiator core. You've probably been taught that radiator cores are delicate and you shouldn't touch them. The truth is that, while you do need to be careful, it's easier than you might think to push one of our temperature-sensing probes into the radiator without causing any problems at all.

    Tips for a successful fan controller installation:

    • Position the probe close to the coolant inlet (top of radiator)
    • Insert the probe until there is about an inch remaining outside of the core
    • Don't insert and remove the probe in the same position several times
    • Route the temperature probe and all wires before mounting the controller to make sure everything will reach
    • Always run the positive and negative leads from the controller directly to the battery

    As always, you can call our tech line at 253-922-2700 if you have more questions.

  • A Quick Test to See if Your Electric Fan Sucks

    1 Comments 2011 April 12
    by admin

    Here's a quick test to see if you've wired your electric fan to draw air the correct direction through your radiator, and to get a rough idea of whether it is pulling enough air to keep your car cool. All you need is a sheet of 8.5x11 inch paper, a fully-charged battery and a short safety check list.

    Turn the power to the fan on (you may have to temporarily install a manual override switch, or bring your engine up to temperature so the thermostat turns on the fan). Make sure the engine is turned off for your safety. Place the sheet of paper on the side of the radiator opposite of the fan.

    If it stays in place, you've wired the fan with the correct polarity, and the fan is moving pretty good air through the radiator.

    If it blows off, you have the fan wired backwards.

    If it doesn't blow off the radiator, but it slowly falls away, the fan isn't pulling enough air through the radiator. There can be quite a few causes for that, which we cover in the video.

  • How to Gain Power and Fuel Economy

    8 Comments 2011 March 25
    by admin

    The old adage that you can't have your cake and eat it too isn't always true. Diesel Power magazine did some testing and showed that when it comes to converting your power-hungry belt-driven fan with a Flex-a-lite electric fan, that you can gain power and fuel economy. You can read the whole article at

    The bigger and heavier the belt-driven fan, the more power you're going to free up. And you'll also see an improvement in fuel economy. The math here is easy: it takes more energy to spin a belt-driven fan than an electric fan. Another benefit of converting to a Flex-a-lite electric fan on your diesel truck is quicker warm-up times. That's like having you cake and eating it too, plus a side of ice cream!

    You can find more information on the Flex-a-lite electric fan for '03-'08 Dodge Ram trucks with Cummins turbodiesel engines by visiting

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  • How We Would Hot Rod Santa's Sleigh

    3 Comments 2010 December 22
    by admin

    Christmas is upon us, and in between trying to finish up production details on next year's new products, our minds have wandered into wondering about things. Things like how long is the naughty and nice list? How does Santa travel around the world in one night? We track him every year on the NORADsm web site, and we still don't get it. And why Mrs. Claus doesn't join the big guy for his annual present-delivering trip around the globe? We think it might be because it's too darn cold in that sleigh! Continue reading

  • Real-world Fuel Economy Gains

    10 Comments 2010 August 5
    by admin
    Trev Burt shares his experience installing a Flex-a-lite electric fan and the mpg improvement he found
  • How to Mount an Electric Fan

    1 Comments 2010 July 25
    by admin
    Mounting a Flex-a-lite universal electric fan is easier than you might think. In this article, we'll show you two different approaches.

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