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How to Install an Electric Fan Controller

2011 September 22
by admin

Perhaps one of the least understood parts of adding an electric fan to a vehicle is installing and wiring the controller. The Flex-a-lite adjustable temperature controller turns the electric fan on and off according to the coolant temperature, and you can adjust where the fan turns on from approximately 180-240 degrees F. No relays are required if you use our controller with our electric fan. Wiring the controller is simple, and following our directions will give you years and years of trouble-free operation.

There are three essential steps to mounting the Flex-a-lite electric fan controller:

1)Find a location under hood that is away from extreme heat source such as the exhaust, and that allows the temperature probe to reach the inlet side of the radiator

2) Make the proper wiring connections as outlined in the video and the instructions; make sure the primary positive and negative connections go directly to the battery

3) Crimp and insulate wire connections properly

In the video, we cover a variety of other tips that help illustrate the instructions included with our variable speed controller. It also addresses what to do if your battery has been relocated to the rear of the vehicle; a popular modifications for performance cars and off-road vehicles.

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