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How to Install Flex-a-lite’s 3-Way Electric Fan Manual Override Switch

2014 September 4
by therealcoleq

For decades Flex-a-lite has included a terminal on its popular electric fan controllers to allow customers to connect an override switch to either turn the fan(s) off for water crossings in an off-road vehicle or to make ordering in the drive-through a bit easier, or to turn the fan(s) on for additional cooling which is handy for a race car in between runs on the track. This is in addition to the automatic function of the fan controller which turns the fan(s) on and off according to engine coolant temperature. Flex-a-lite recently introduced a new 3-way switch (part number 31143), though that lets you override the fan controller for both manual on and off operation! Additionally, the rocker switch is illuminating, with a red light indicating that you’ve manually turned the fan off, and blue to remind you that you have the fan in manual on position.

Installation of this new switch is pretty simple. In both cases, there are only low-amperage connections made to the switch. When using the switch with the Adjustable Thermostat Controller, two 5-prong, 40-amp relays are required.

You can also download the installation instructions in PDF form which includes a wiring diagram.

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