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How We Would Hot Rod Santa's Sleigh

2010 December 22
by admin

Christmas is upon us, and in between trying to finish up production details on next year's new products, our minds have wandered into wondering about things. Things like how long is the naughty and nice list? How does Santa travel around the world in one night? We track him every year on the NORADsm web site, and we still don't get it. And why Mrs. Claus doesn't join the big guy for his annual present-delivering trip around the globe? We think it might be because it's too darn cold in that sleigh! Maybe Santa should put one our Mojave heaters in there.

That thought led to a few more things we would do to hot rod Santa's sleigh in our version of a North-pole Monster Garage. Reindeer power is fine for a scenic tour, but if you want to get the job done, there's nothing like a rockin' big block. Naturally, the big mill would have a Flex-a-fit® radiator and Flex-a-lite® electric fan.

To help the sleigh dance across the rooftops, we'd replace those old sled rails with a set of high-performance skis.

A set of gauges including altitude and air speed would be welcome additions. We also think we'd outfit the ride with a heated seat!

That's our short list of upgrades that we would make. What would you add to Santa's ride to make it a real hot rod sleigh?

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