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Introducing the Flex-a-lite 50th Anniversary Camaro SS Project

2012 June 14
by admin

We’re in the business of building performance cooling products. But every once in a while, we take it upon ourselves to build a performance car or truck to show off our wares. At the last SEMA show, we introduced a Flex-a-fit® direct-fit aluminum radiator and electric fan combination for the popular 2010-2011 Camaro. For the show, we outfitted an otherwise stock Camaro SS with the new system (you can watch the installation by clicking here). As we made preparations for our 50th Anniversary Tour, we decided to make some more modifications to the Camaro to complement the Flex-a-lite performance cooling system and help the car better fit in at the high-performance stops we have planned for the tour.

We worked some friends in the industry to bump up the performance, as well as add performance looks to the Camaro. Duncan Speed & Custom in Lakewood, WA, installed a Flowmaster exhaust system, Airaid air intake, SuperChips Vivid Linq programmer, Rocket Racing Wheelsand a host of race-inspired underhood dress-up components from Moroso. We'll cover about half of the buildup in this post, and bring you the rest of the story in a week.

The Camaro will be part of the Flex-a-lite 50th Anniversary Tour, during which one lucky winner will get a trip for two to Flex-a-lite headquarters, south of Seattle. The Flex-a-lite 50th Anniversary Tour will span 50 days with stops at automotive enthusiast events and major product distributors throughout the United States. Anyone who tours the mobile museum during the 50th Anniversary Tour can enter to win the trip to Flex-a-lite headquarters.

The first thing the team at Duncan Speed & Custom did was take the wheels and tires off the Camaro and send them off to a local tire store to have the tires mounted on the new Rocket Racing Wheels. Then they sized up the job of installing the Flowmaster exhaust system. We went with the after-cat system to gain a performance sound without removing the entire stock system.

The Ducans measured the location of the new Flowmaster muffler and exhaust tubing and marked where they'll need to cut the stock exhaust system. A reciprocating saw was used to cut through the stock tubing.

The new Flowmaster pieces are fit under the car. Duncan supports the rest of the exhaust system before making the final adjustments and clamping the new system in place using the supplied stainless steel exhaust clamps.

With the exhaust done, Duncan moved to the front of the car to install the Airaid intake system. This air intake fits very well with our Flex-a-fit aluminum radiator and electric fan setup. The engine cover must be removed in order to replace the stock airbox.

Duncan moved the air inlet sensor from the stock air tube to the Airaid Modular Intake Tube and installed the tube between the Airaid filter box and the throttle body.

The Airiad filter does not require oiling, and it clamps in place. The last step in the installation is installing the seal that will fit against the bottom of the hood when the hood is closed.

The last thing we’ll cover in this first part of the Camaro buildup is the Vivid Linq programmer from Superchips. This system plugs into the diagnostic port under the dash and synchs with your Android-based smartphone. Using your Smartphone, you can install a variety of performance tunes, increasing power and in many cases also improving fuel economy.

3 thoughts on “Introducing the Flex-a-lite 50th Anniversary Camaro SS Project”

  • Mike Zike
    Mike Zike June 14, 2012 at 7:11 am

    Watched Video on installation and learned a lot.

  • Kenneth D. Ortega
    Kenneth D. Ortega July 3, 2012 at 1:53 am

    I can't help but to drool at that good-looking Camaro. I own a classic 3rd gen Camaro and been thinking of modding it for the nth time. And I got envious by this post I want to apply what I've read here:

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