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New Mojave Heater Kits and Accessories Now Shipping

2012 February 2
by admin

Flex-a-lite recently announced three installation kits for its popular Mojave heater as well as slim-profile plenum, and now all of these accessories are ready to ship! These new products make it even easier for customers to add a powerful heater in compact spaces.

The Mojave installation kits include "Y" tubing connections, a shut-off valve, hose, clamps and grommets. Flex-a-lite offers three variations of the installation kit that make it easier to install the Mojave in place of a failed factory heater core, in a new installation where there wasn't any heater previously installed and in UTVs that use smaller diameter connectors.

The new plenum (part #655) for the Mojave heater is shorter in depth to help it fit in smaller spaces. It is just 2½ inches deep and snaps onto the face of the Mojave heater for directional heating. The original plenum (part #650) is still available, which has additional ports for connecting a duct for defrosting

Mojave heaters tie into the existing engine-coolant source and outputs 12,000 BTU. An integrated electric fan moves 130 cfm, drawing 8 amps. The overall unit measures 12.12 x 9 x 5 inches. A 3-way switch and wiring necessary to complete the installation are included with the Mojave heater (Part #640).

Mojave Part Numbers:

640 Mojave Heater - 12,000 BTU heater with 3-way switch and wiring

650 Mojave Plenum - Two vents and two ports for defroster vent connection

655 Mojave Plenum - Two vents in a slim unit for compact spaces

660 Mojave Install Kit - Lets you replace a failed factory heater core with a Mojave unit

661 Mojave Install Kit - Designed for a new installation (no heater previously installed)

662 Mojave Install Kit - Engineered specifically for UTVs with smaller diameter connectors

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