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  • Flex-a-lite 2010-2011 Camaro Radiator and Fan Combos Now Shipping!

    Comments ON 2012 March 9
    by admin

    Flex-a-lite® is now shipping its all-new, bolt-in Flex-a-fit® radiator and electric fan combos for the 2010-2011 V8 Camaro. The Camaro is one of the hottest new cars a performance car enthusiast can purchase, and our aluminum radiator and electric fan combination will help keep yours cool as you add performance parts.

    This radiator offers three times more cooling surface and twice the core thickness compared to the stock radiator for significantly better cooling. The radiator is all-aluminum and hand welded for better construction than the original composite radiator. Continue reading

  • Battle Higher Fuel Prices with an Electric Fan

    2 Comments 2012 February 24
    by admin

    There are plenty of news stories now predicting that gas prices will top $5/gallon this summer, stirring fear and depression. This may have you thinking about giving up on that hot rod vacation, extra off-roading trip or just plain thinking of ways to cut fuel costs in your company fleet of vehicles.

    But we're here to spread some good news. If your vehicle has a belt-driven engine cooling fan, you can install an electric fan and realize a fuel economy improvement and free up some power for an overall better driving experience. Continue reading

  • New Mojave Heater Kits and Accessories Now Shipping

    Comments ON 2012 February 2
    by admin

    Flex-a-lite recently announced three installation kits for its popular Mojave heater as well as slim-profile plenum, and now all of these accessories are ready to ship! These new products make it even easier for customers to add a powerful heater in compact spaces.

    The Mojave installation kits include "Y" tubing connections, a shut-off valve, hose, clamps and grommets. Flex-a-lite offers three variations of the installation kit that make it easier to install the Mojave in place of a failed factory heater core, in a new installation where there wasn't any heater previously installed and in UTVs that use smaller diameter connectors. Continue reading

  • When 2,500 cfm isn't equal to 2,500 cfm

    3 Comments 2012 January 11
    by admin

    We've had quite a few people question our advice when we recommend a 2,500, 2,800 or even 3,000 cfm electric fan for their hot rod or 4x4. They often tell us that they have a 2,500 cfm fan now and their vehicle overheats in low speeds or when they are stuck in traffic. A little more investigative work usually uncovers that what they have now is a basket fan, which leads us to this question: Did you know that 2,500 cfm doesn't always equal 2,500 cfm? Continue reading

  • Flex-a-lite Jeep CJ Radiator and Fan Combos Now Shipping!

    2 Comments 2012 January 4
    by admin


    Owners of '72-'86 Jeep CJs know how hard it is to find a performance cooling system that is as capable and durable as their Jeep. That's about to change as Flex-a-lite is now shipping its all-new, bolt-in Flex-a-fit radiator and electric fan combo for these vehicles! And there are configurations available to fit CJs with stock engines and also to accommodate the popular GM and Ford V-8 engine conversions.The core of this combo is a Flex-a-fit radiator featuring dual 1-inch all-aluminum radiator core that is hand-welded in the U.S. to the Flex-a-fit sidetanks patented "T" tank technology. The "T" channels offer a durable mounting system for the radiator, electric fan and optional oil cooler or expansion tank. The radiator core is protected while off roading because the electric fan is mounted to the Flex-a-fit sidetank and not through the radiator core. The Flex-a-fit system also eliminates the risk of the belt-driven fan contacting the fan shroud when the body and chassis flex while off-roading. With this latest introduction Flex-a-lite now covers thirty years of Jeep CJs and Wranglers. Continue reading

  • How to Install an Electric Fan Controller

    6 Comments 2011 September 22
    by admin

    Perhaps one of the least understood parts of adding an electric fan to a vehicle is installing and wiring the controller. The Flex-a-lite adjustable temperature controller turns the electric fan on and off according to the coolant temperature, and you can adjust where the fan turns on from approximately 180-240 degrees F. No relays are required if you use our controller with our electric fan. Wiring the controller is simple, and following our directions will give you years and years of trouble-free operation. Continue reading

  • Keeping Your Jeep Wrangler Auto Tranny Cool

    Comments ON 2011 August 25
    by admin

    If you own a 2007-2012 Jeep Wrangler (JK), you already know how cool this vehicle is. But if it has an automatic transmission, it might turn out to be a hot vehicle. In fact, last year, 88,000 of them were recalled for potential automatic transmission overheating. The fix at the dealership is to install a trans temp warning light. If the light comes on, you're supposed to park your Jeep and let it cool down.

    We have a different fix that we like a lot better. The Flex-a-lite Part # 4118 transmission cooler more than triples the cooling capacity that a Jeep Wrangler should ever need. Our trans cooler is made in the U.S.A. and includes our unique Turbulators, which are inside the cooler tubes. These Turbulators increase the heat transfer from the fluid. Continue reading

  • Will Ram Air Burn Up My Electric Fan?

    1 Comments 2011 August 5
    by admin

    This is an interesting question that we get asked at Flex-a-lite from time to time. When you're driving on the highway, will the ram air cause your electric fan to spin, damaging it? A lot of people argue that the fan becomes a generator when it's spun by ram air, and they worry that this can damage the motor or electronic controller components. The answer is, no, ram air won't burn up your fan or the electronic controller, and here's why. Continue reading

  • How Flex-a-Fit Radiator Sidetanks Provide Better Cooling

    Comments ON 2011 June 10
    by admin

    Did you know that there is more to the Flex-a-Fit sidetank design than the T channels on the outside? Sure, these make mounting the radiator, electric fan, overflow tank and other components easy, but they also provide a boost in heat transfer, aka cooling! Continue reading

  • Newest Flex-a-lite Product Protects Your Cooling System and Helps Keep Your Engine Cool

    1 Comments 2011 May 24
    by admin

    Flex-a-Chill Coolant AdditiveFlex-a-lite® introduces its first-ever engine-coolant additive. Flex-a-chill delivers cooling and protection that reduces the temperature of the cylinder heads without the need of additional coolant gels. With a lower PH level (8.5) than many competing products, Flex-a-chill is designed specifically to protect your expensive aluminum engine parts and radiator from electrolysis that corrodes the parts from the inside out. The formula also contains organic compounds that will prevent contaminates such as calcium and magnesium from developing into scales that clog your cooling system. Flex-a-chill is a "bubble buster" for the water in your cooling system, providing improved contact, and better contact means better heat transfer by as much as 20 degrees Fahrenheit. Continue reading

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