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Flex-a-lite Blog

  • Which is Better - an Electric or Belt-driven Fan?

    8 Comments 2010 February 27
    by admin

    This debate is as old as the electric fan itself. We manufacture both, so we're pretty unbiased on this topic. In fact, we created the first high-performance belt-driven fan in 1962, and we were the first to introduce an aftermarket electric fan to the U.S. in 1978.

    We'll jump right into the heart of the matter: An electric fan is the better performance solution, freeing up maximum horsepower and mpg. But it's not always the better cooling solution. The full answer to this question is that both electric and belt-driven fans have their place. Which one is better depends largely on the specific application. Continue reading

  • The Truth About Airflow and Amperage

    3 Comments 2010 January 29
    by admin

    When you're in the cooling-fan business for 49 years, you hear a lot of ideas and theories on what makes one fan better than another. You also run across some pretty interesting ways that people use to determine what fan they need to best fit their application.

    One of the assumptions we frequently hear is that the fans that draw the most amperage are better. We'd like to set the record straight with some facts and definitions, as well as some actual product-testing results.

    There are a lot of factors that determine the efficiency of an electric fan; the amount of amperage the motor requires is only one of these factors. Continue reading

  • High-flying Heater

    2 Comments 2010 January 15
    by admin

    Flex-a-lite® may not jump into your mind when you think about heaters, but we produce one of the most compact and flexible heaters available for automotive applications. It's not just limited to use in cars and trucks, though. Our customers have used them in everything from home-built airplanes to UTVs like the Polaris Ranger. If you think it's cold in your street rod or older Jeep in January, think about the temperature at 150mph at 10,000 feet!

    Our heater is called the Mojave, and it makes adding heat to your specialty vehicle easy for a more comfortable ride, no matter how close or far you are from the ground. Continue reading

  • Cool New Year's Resolutions

    1 Comments 2009 December 31
    by admin

    It's that time of year when people set lofty personal goals for themselves that they will most likely abandon before Valentine's day. So why not set some goals for your favorite car, truck or Jeep instead?

    We're here to help, so we penned some thought starters for you:

    • Shed some pounds. From your car that is. Flex-a-lite® offers both molded and flat lightweight polymer windows. Click here for more information.
    • Shed some more pounds. There are quite a few options for lighter-weight belt-driven fans which are lighter than factory fans and free up horsepower. Continue reading
  • What You Can Do on the Flex-a-lite Blog

    2 Comments 2009 December 26
    by admin

    Welcome to the Flex-a-lite® blog! The word blog doesn't fully tell you what you can expect to find here and what you can do. So we thought it would be a good time to share a little more info on these topics.

    What you'll find on this site is information and stories that relate to Flex-a-lite. It seems like we've run into just about every cooling situation you could imagine, and we've helped thousands of people with their special engine-cooling needs. That's quite a bit of knowledge and experience, which we'll start sharing with you on this blog. What works better: a belt-driven fan or electric?  Should I use an electric fan in push or suck mode? What's the best material to make radiators from? We have plenty more, and plan to share our opinions with you as well as some interesting data from our testing. Continue reading

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