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Patented Radiator Technology

2010 August 30
by admin

Canada realized that our Flex-a-fit sidetanks were a revolutionary idea back in 2004. The United States Patent office agrees and has issued Lisa Chissus a utility patent on the Flex-a-fit® sidetank design! Flex-a-lite® hand welds this patented sidetank technology onto all of their 2-row radiators in the United States. The radiators are available both with mounted Flex-a-lite electric fans and without. Click here for a complete listing of available Flex-a-fit radiators.

The patented sidetank design uses internal fins that perform as heat sinks by absorbing heat more quickly from the engine coolant. The external fins increase the surface area threefold to transfer heat more effectively. In fact, these sidetanks transfer 135-percent more efficiently than a typical aftermarket aluminum radiator tank and 41-percent more efficiently than a brass radiator tank. Click here to learn more about the Flex-a-fit design and how its heat-transfer performance compares to other radiator designs.

In addition to the cooling benefits, the unique external fin design creates limitless fastening points into the tank itself, making it easy to attach brackets to the radiator sidetanks any where along the tanks. You can install brackets to mount the radiator to the vehicle and to mount electric fans, overflow canisters, transmissions coolers and etc. Click here to see video about the sidetanks on YouTube.

Key benefits of the Flex-a-fit radiators include:

Simplified Installation of the Radiator

T-Channels in the sidetank allow the radiator mounting brackets to slide up and down each channel. The radiator can be repositioned, both vertically and horizontally by simply loosening the bolts.

Improved Durability

Because the entire channel of the sidetank is holding the weight of the radiator rather than a single boss point, these tanks can hold up in extreme environments. Even those monster trucks you see jumping cars haven't been able to get one to fail!


Improved Heat Dissipation

Internal fins perform as heat sinks, absorbing heat more quickly from the engine coolant, then radiating it through external fins to dissipate the heat 234-percent more efficiently. Tests prove a 20-degree (Fahrenheit) drop from a conventional 3-row radiator to a Flex-a-fit 2-row radiator and fan combination.

Simplified attachment for accessories

Unique external fin design integrates limitless fastening points for attaching expansion tanks, electric fans, oil coolers, etc.

Simplified attachment for return lines

Fasten Gator Clips® for a return line without kinks, chaffing or zip ties.

Click here for more information on Flex-a-fit radiators.

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