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Using the Flex-a-lite 1000 Airmover at the Race Track

2017 March 24
by therealcoleq

If you are a racer, you know how critical is to cool your car down quickly between rounds at the race track. You often have only a matter of minutes before it’s time to pull back into the staging lanes. Cooling your intake manifold, supercharger, fuel lines, clutch, transmission and more makes a significant difference in the car’s performance. While we’ve seen everything from clumsy box fans to leaf blowers used as pit fans, the Flex-a-lite 1000 Airmover has the function and features to make it the ideal fan for use at the race track.

Drag racing legend Roy Hill recently had a chance to try the Flex-a-lite 1000 Airmover at a drag race, using the fan to quickly cool down the race car between rounds. Check out what he had to say about the fan in this short video:

You may see some of Flex-a-lite 1000 Airmovers at the Roy Hill Drag Racing School this year, and with their trailers and race cars and events around the country now that Roy had a chance to use one at the races.

In addition to cooling the critical parts of a race car between rounds, the Flex-a-lite 1000 Airmover can also cool a hot engine quickly so you can work on it to make adjustments or repairs to your race car sooner and safer.

There are a several design elements that make the Flex-a-lite 1000 Airmover an ideal race track companion:

  • * Its compact design makes it easy to store in a trailer cabinet
  • * It doesn’t take up much space and can be stored vertically or horizontally
  • * In most cases, the 15-foot cord will reach from the trailer or generator to the race car without an extension cord
  • * And the very low, 2-amp draw won’t overtax your generator or trailer circuits
  • * The cord wraps around the airmover’s base for compact and tangle free storage
  • * The injection-molded body of the Flex-a-lite 1000 Airmover is very durable, and the unique shape lets it sit flat on the ground, stand on its side, or be tilted upward so you can direct the powerful 900 cfm of air flow exactly where it is needed

Flex-a-lite 1000 Airmover Roy Hill Drag Racing 2 The Flex-a-lite 1000 Airmover is a great race-track tool, helping you cool off your race car between rounds. The low, 2-amp draw is generator friendly and the focused 900 cfm of air flow can be directed exactly where needed.

Of course, the Flex-a-lite 1000 Airmover is just as handy in the garage or shop, and thanks to its light weight and ease of portability, you can easily take it from garage to race track. Click here to learn more about the Flex-a-lite 1000 Airmover.

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