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What You Can Do on the Flex-a-lite Blog

2009 December 26
by admin

Welcome to the Flex-a-lite® blog! The word blog doesn't fully tell you what you can expect to find here and what you can do. So we thought it would be a good time to share a little more info on these topics.

What you'll find on this site is information and stories that relate to Flex-a-lite. It seems like we've run into just about every cooling situation you could imagine, and we've helped thousands of people with their special engine-cooling needs. That's quite a bit of knowledge and experience, which we'll start sharing with you on this blog. What works better: a belt-driven fan or electric?  Should I use an electric fan in push or suck mode? What's the best material to make radiators from? We have plenty more, and plan to share our opinions with you as well as some interesting data from our testing.

This place is useful for more than just us to tell our stories, though. We want to hear from you. Your stories. Your questions. Your input. In fact, we'll even use this space to ask you for input on new products we're developing! You can leave a comment on a specific post by clicking on "Leave a Comment" just under the title, or at the end of a post if you've already clicked on the article title. Don't worry, entering your name and email address here does not automatically add you to any lists.

We'll also post exclusive offers and discounts on this blog, and we will offer remanufactured products. That's some real value for regular visitors!

Here are a few other ways you can get involved with Flex-a-lite:

Share - If you like what you see, we've made it easy for you to share it with other. There will be a bar at the bottom of every post with social network buttons such as Twitter and Facebook. If you use these networks, you can send an update or post to your account just by clicking on the appropriate button.

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If you're looking for more Flex-a-lite product information, you will probably want to go to

We're ready to go, and will be adding articles to this Web site regularly. We hope you find it interesting and entertaining. We want to hear from you whether you like what we're doing or not. Get involved and join the ride!

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