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Why We Require the Use of a Flex-a-lite Fan Spacer

2014 April 3
by therealcoleq

Have you ever wondered why we require the use of a Flex-a-lite® spacer with our belt-driven fans? The answer is simple: we saw the damage other brand spacers were causing to the star of the belt-driven fan! We can easily tell when one of our Flex fan or other belt-driven fans has been used with one of these off-brand spacers; it will leave the imprint right in the star. In fact, we won't warranty damage done to one of our fans if another brand spacer is used.

Our belt driven fans can be rates as high as 10,000 rpm, so it is important that the correct spacer is used. It must be machined true in order to have the fan blade spin smooth and not have a wobble. Just as importantly, the edges of the spacer where it contacts the fan must have a radius to it to keep the spacer from cutting into the fan. We also extend the outer edges of our Flex-a-lite spacers to better distribute the load on the fan.

You can combine Flex-a-lite spacers to get the belt-driven fan into that sweet spot (half way in the fan shroud), but do not exceed 3 inches in total length. Beyond 3 inches exceeds the stacked tolerance for the spacer and can break off the water pump.

We make our spacers in the U.S., along with our aluminum radiators, belt-driven fans and electric fans.

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