Electric Fans

Flex-A-Lite® electric fans help keep your engine cool. Auxiliary electric fans (pushers) are available to mount in front of the radiator, providing extra airflow and engine cooling when needed. Primary electric fans (pullers) are designed to mount behind the radiator and replace a factory belt-driven fan. These improve the horsepower and torque delivered to the wheels by eliminating the parasitic drag of the stock belt-driven fan. Electric fans also allow quicker warm ups and cool downs, longer water pump life, less fan noise, improved air conditioner performance and improve gas mileage.

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If you're looking for more information, please read our article, How to Choose an Electric Fan.

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  1. 24-Volt Dual 15-inch electric fan system with full shroud

    24-Volt Dual 15-inch electric fan system with full shroud

    Part Number: 35024
    Flex-a-lite® 24-volt dual electric-fan system that moves up to 5,500 cfm of airflow with full shroud measuring 31 7/8 x 17 inches. Learn More

1 Item(s)