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Mojave Heaters

The Mojave heater from Flex-a-lite® is designed to simplify the task of providing heat and comfort in your hot rod, off-road vehicle or utility vehicle. Producing 12,000 BTU of heat, its compact size, ease of installation and operation make it the ideal replacement unit. The design offers several mounting options, and an optional plenum includes adjustable louvers and a flange for defroster ducting. The Mojave gets it heat from the hot water in your vehicle's cooling system (just like an O.E. heater), but has the advantage of fitting into a wide variety of confined spaces.

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  1. Mojave Slim Profile Plenum

    Mojave Slim Profile Plenum

    Part Number: 112720
    Legacy Model Number: 655
    Mojave slim profile plenum. Learn More
  2. Mojave Plenum

    Mojave Plenum

    Part Number: 107183
    Legacy Model Number: 650
    Mojave plenum. Learn More
  3. Mojave Heater

    Mojave Heater

    Part Number: 117306
    Legacy Model Number: 640
    Mojave heater. Learn More

3 Item(s)