Radiators for Camaros

Flex-a-lite® manufacturers Flex-a-fit® aluminum radiators for four generations of Camaro applications!

These are direct-fit radiator and electric fan combos engineered to bolt into:

PN 52187 for ’67-'69 Camaro

PN 56482 for '70-'81 Camaro

PN 56484 for '82-'92 Camaro

PN 56488 for '10-'11 Camaro

And these part numbers are for radiators only:

PN 52007 for ’67-'69 Camaro

PN 56082 for '70-'81 Camaro

PN 56400 for '82-'92 Camaro

PN 56418 for '10-'11 Camaro


Flex-a-fit® high-performance aluminum radiators are manufactured in the U.S., featuring a 2-row core hand-welded to sidetanks with patented “T” channels to dissipate heat more efficiently.

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  1. Flex-a-lite Radiator for '67-'69 Chevrolet Camaros

    Flex-a-lite Radiator for '67-'69 Chevrolet Camaros

    Part Number: 52007
    This Flex-a-lite® radiator is a direct fit for '67-'69 Chevrolet Camaros. Learn More

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