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Flex-A-Lite Extruded Core Radiator and Electric Fan 1964-1967 Chevelle and other GM A-Bodies

Quick Overview

Direct-fit Flex-A-Lite® Extruded Core performance aluminum radiator and electric fan for 1964-1967 Chevelle and other GM A-Bodies.


Flex-A-Lite® Extruded Core Technology is the future of performance aluminum radiators, replacing multi-core radiators with a new advanced design. Flex-A-Lite® Extruded Core Radiators provide significantly better cooling with a stronger, more durable and lighter design.

This direct-fit radiator is engineered to bolt into a 1964-1967 Chevelle and other GM A-Bodies. No cutting or drilling is required for installation, and the radiator will mount using the factory location and equipment. Includes a fully-shrouded Black Magic Xtreme S-Blade electric fan mounted. The fan moves 3,300 cfm of airflow and includes an Adjustable Thermostatic Controller, making this a complete unit, ready to install. Radiator includes 22-24 lbs. cap and drain petcock.

Key features and benefits of the Flex-A-Lite® Extruded Tube Core Radiators include:

  • Increased contact area between the coolant and aluminum tubes for better heat rejection and cooling
  • A flat surface on which to braze the cooling fins, maximizing the contact between the tubes and fins for increased heat rejection and better cooling
  • The cooling fins have been designed with louver patterns cut into them to direct airflow, improving heat rejection and cooling
  • Wind-tunnel testing has shown that this Extruded Tube Core technology is significantly more efficient for cooling than standard tube radiators
  • The Flex-A-Lite® Extruded Tube Core Radiators are significantly stronger and have a 100-psi burst rating
  • The Flex-A-Lite® Extruded Tube Core Radiators include a corner subhead, reinforcing the cooling tube to header connection, an area prone to cracking and leaking in other brands of aluminum radiators
  • Covered by an exclusive Flex-A-Lite® transferable 2-year warranty

Note: Flex-A-Lite® radiators do not have built-in transmission coolers. This is done to provide optimum cooling for the engine, and we offer advanced-technology transmission coolers for optimum cooling of the transmission. Please see the transmission coolers available on our website.

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals, including lead and phthalates, known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to

Additional Information

SKU 119146
Legacy Model Number 316160
Height (inches) 21.35
Width (inches) 25.68
Depth (inches) 6.24
Inlet Side Driver Side
Air Flow (cfm) 3,300
Fan Diameter (inches) 15
Number of Blades 8
Amperage Draw 18
Fuse Rating (amp) 40
Model Chevelle, Chevelle/SS, Malibu
Displacement CID No
Fitment Notes No