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Flex-a-lite Sponsorship Application

Looking for sponsorship for your vehicle or event? Flex-a-lite provides sponsorship through product donations that provide national or international exposure for Flex-a-lite and its products.

We work hard to design, develop, and manufacture our products, so we can’t provide sponsorship for every request we receive. Every submission will be reviewed.

If you are requesting product for a vehicle sponsorship, here are some tips to help your sponsorship request stand out:

  • -We are looking for opportunities that will bring Flex-a-lite lots of positive exposure, and ultimately result in sales
  • -We also want specific endorsements of what Flex-a-lite products do for you: solve a problem, provide better performance, etc.
  • -Specific numbers of people you will reach and through what specific methods are very valuable
  • -Very large followings on Facebook and Instagram, as well as a visible track-record of promoting companies and products
  • -Video is becoming more important: being able to create an installation video or some other video that shows our product and why its features are desirable, and the ability to get 10,000 or more views of that video
  • -TV show opportunities (be specific and provide contact info for the producer -- we will follow up)
  • -Online or print editorial that shows how to install the product or some other way that shows our product and why its features are desirable (be specific and provide contact info for the editor -- we will follow up)


While we may ask for sticker placement for the Flex-a-lite logo, running stickers or having your vehicle on display at events by itself does not bring enough value to help your request stand out. The more detailed you are in your submission, the better we will be able to evaluate and measure the potential value you are offering to Flex-a-lite in return for a discount on our products.

Please complete this form with as much detail as possible. All fields are required.